Landmark® Rooftop Units

Performance Marked by Flexibility™

  • Landmark® Rooftop Units
  • Landmark® Rooftop Units
  • Landmark® Rooftop Units
Tonnage: 2-25 TONS
SEER/IEER: Up To 16.5/16.0
EER: Up To 13.0
Configurations: G/E, E/E, HP

Product Features


    • 7.5- to 25-ton high-efficiency units (50 and 60Hz)
    • 2- to 10-ton high-efficiency and dual fuel units
    • Up to 16.5 SEER, 16.0 IEER and 13 EER
    • 2 to 25 tons (gas/electric and electric/electric)
    • 2 to 20 tons (heat pump)
    • Meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2010 standards
    • Available MSAV® supply fan provides year-round savings and comfort with reduced energy consumption, improved indoor air quality and code compliance
    • Up to 61% supply fan savings with optional MSAV
    • Direct-spark ignition enhances efficiency
    • Available factory- or field-installed high-performance economizer meets Title 24 requirements


    • Landmark units with the most popular features and configurations are stocked and ready for fast delivery or pickup at commercial depots across North America
    • Pre-defined supply fan motor/drive combinations make selecting components to meet static and airflow requirements quick and easy
    • Thermostatic expansion valves on high-efficiency models and fixed orifice on standard-efficiency models
    • Environ™ Coil System provides reliable operation in a wide range of applications
    • Scroll compressor provides reliable, long-term operation


    • Isolated compressor compartment allows performance check during normal compressor operation without disrupting airflow
    • Slide-out blower allows quick belt tensioning, adjustment or replacement and makes cleaning the blower easier
    • Accessible gas compartment provides generous space to access all gas components, making analysis and service easier
    • Optional hinged access panels provide quick access to components and protect panels and roof from damage during servicing
    • Full-perimeter base rail provides greater structural integrity, so the unit is easier to handle when rigging and transporting
    • Fork slots on three sides make it easy to pick up and transport units from almost any angle
    • Independent motor mount allows for easy and efficient service access without removing the top panel
    • Environ™ Coil System on B-Series 2- to 5-ton and all 6- to 25-ton gas/electric and electric/electric units reduces the time necessary to clean the condensing coil


    • Patented Humiditrol® dehumidification system allows for independent control of temperature and humidity, providing enhanced comfort control
    • Corrosion-resistant, removable, double-sloped drain pan provides application flexibility, durability and improved serviceability
    • First stage operation of the optional MSAV® supply fan reduces humidity, providing better space comfort
    • Field- or factory-installed MERV 8 or 13 filters reduce airborne particles


Field-installed accessories

      • Field-powered GFI
      • Disconnects
      • Economizers with single or dual enthalpy control
      • Electric heat
      • 50% constant volume powered exhaust fan
      • CO2 sensor
      • Return and supply air smoke detectors
      • Low ambient kits
      • Hail guards
      • Coil guards
      • Link to the L Connection® Network line of commercial controls with an optional Network Thermostat Controller
      • LPG Conversion Kit (gas/electric and dual fuel)
      • -40°F cold weather kit (gas/electric and dual fuel)
      • Combustion air intake or flue exhaust extensions (gas/electric only)
      • Blower proving switch
      • Dirty filter switch
      • Bottom gas piping kit (gas/electric and dual fuel)
      • Healthy climate high-efficiency air filters
      • Healthy climate UVC light kit
      • Hybrid curbs

Factory-installed options

      • MSAV (multi-stage air volume) supply fan
      • Coil corrosion protection
      • Stainless steel heat exchanger
      • Hinged doors

Factory options or field accessories

    • Economizers
    • Barometric relief dampers
    • Standard and high-static drive kits
    • Heaters (electric/electric only)
    • BACnet® module
    • Motorized air damper
    • Manual air damper
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