Programmable Controller

Program up to 8 actions per day.

  • Programmable Controller

Product Features


    • Programmable daily schedule with up to 8-actions per day
    • Copy/paste function for easy schedule programming
    • Schedule start time, mode, setpoint, and fan speed
    • Compatible with all mini-split indoor units
    • Optional accessory that is purchased separately
    • °F or °C field selectable – default °F
    • Simple, user-friendly design with large backlit LED display for easy visibility
    • Additional hardware is furnished for installation
    • Communication cabling: factory 4-wire harness
    • Setpoint range: 62°F - 86°F
    • Operating temperature range: 23°F - 110°F
    • Operating humidity range (RH): 40% - 90%


    • Built-in system diagnostics
    • Child lock function to lock all controller buttons
    • Audible tone when a button is pressed (can be disabled)
    • POWER button – turn system on and off
    • MODE button – Auto/Cool/Dry/Heat/Fan
    • FAN SPEED button – Auto/Low/Med/High
    • PLUS (+) and MINUS (-) buttons - adjust setpoint, select days of the week when setting a schedule, and select mode of operation
    • TIMER ON / TIMER OFF buttons - set current time of day, setup weekly schedules or timed operation, start/stop timed operation
    • UP-DOWN buttons – increase or decrease indoor temperature
    • SWING button - start or stop horizontal louver auto swing feature, control swing oscillation and louver angle in 6° increments
    • DAY OFF/DEL button - disable specific days/schedules of the week or delete a specific event
    • CONFIRM button – confirm each step when managing schedules
    • BACK button - allows navigation through the control screens
    • TURBO button - set indoor fan speed on high for a factory-set time period to reach a preset temperature in the shortest time
    • COPY button – easily copy a schedule to a new day
    • FOLLOW ME – toggle between room temperature sensing from the indoor unit or the controller
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