• Prodigy Control System

Product Features


    • 4 Line x 20 Character Display - The newer, larger display shows more information, in greater detail, to simplify operation and maintenance. Multilingual displays including: English, Spanish and French
    • Dedicated navigation and value adjustment buttons - Redesigned controls make adjusting settings and parameters easier than ever, while reducing accidental menu selections.
    • Help menu with menu-specific content - Simplifies service, maintenance and troubleshooting by allowing access to help screens from any menu.
    • SmartWire™ system - Simplifies field sensor and thermostat installation with color-coded wires and terminal posts standardized across all models.
    • USB Port - Allows technicians to download service reports and update firmware quickly and easily. 
    • BACnet/LON - Compatibility with major automation protocols allows complete integration with existing building monitoring and operation systems.
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