T-Class™ Air Conditioners (TSA) and Heat Pumps (TPA)

Performance and rugged durability.

  • T-Class™ Air Conditioners (TSA) and Heat Pumps (TPA)
Tonnage: 3-5 TONS
HSPF/COP: Up To 9.7

Product Features


    • Up to 16.0 SEER and 9.7 HSPF
    • Scroll compressor provides smooth, efficient and quiet operation
    • High-efficiency outdoor coil provides exceptional heat transfer and low air resistance for high-efficiency operation
    • Precision-balanced, direct-drive fan is designed to run slower for an enhanced level of quiet operation
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified


    • Humiditrol® dehumidification system reduces moisture and controls the spread of airborne contaminants


    • Brass service valves isolate the refrigeration system in outdoor units and allow for simple access
    • Refrigerant line connections and electrical inlets are located in one central area of cabinet for easy access


    • Heavy-duty fan guard increases safety
    • Corrosion-resistant cabinet is galvanized steel under a two-layer painted surface that protects against rust and corrosion
    • Drainage holes prevent damaging moisture from collecting inside the base pan
    • Enhanced coil guard protects the condenser coil, maintaining the efficiency of the unit
    • Fan motor features a fully enclosed design with a rain shield to provide maximum protection from weather, dust, corrosion and moisture
    • Crankcase heater protects the compressor against refrigerant migration that can occur during low ambient operations
    • Solid-state defrost control monitors the condition of the coil and quickly and efficiently clears the buildup of frost on the coil (heat pump only)


    • Compressor low ambient cutoff
    • Compressor time-off control
    • Loss-of-charge kit
    • High-pressure switch kit
    • Hail guards
    • Freezestat
    • Mounting base
    • Unit stand-off kit
    • Refrigerant line kits
    • Low ambient kit to 30°F
    • Mild weather kits
    • Compressor sound cover
    • Time-delay relay kit
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